Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The end of the long stop coming soon

ok, so i have not blogged at all recently :/ that's because its exam period now! tomorrow is going to be my last paper! it would be Mathematics paper 1! paper 2 was on Monday and it was a killer! im really scared for this mathematics paper ><

ohh, i bought another piko album! (1PIKO) limited edition! his trip in Europe was so cute! ok, piko is full time cute so... ♥♥♥
hahah! you can literally see the hearts surrounding me now ♥

anyone know where i can listen to piko-raji (ピコーラ時) ? when i go to the FM A!CH! page that redirects me to piko's piko-raji site, there is a button that is suppose to let me listen to the live broadcast but when i click it, nothing happens :( i tried going to other site where they have broadcasts of japanese radio station, but it is always FM A!CH! that can receive the reception :( i tried downloading the RADIKO (rajiko) app for the iphone, google chrome and the RADIKO player, but still no reception! :( really sad..i have been searching for it for 3 weeks! );

and also, im not so sure about this but is the piko nico namahousou shut down or is it still ongoing?

i will try to blog again soon but i might not be able to use my laptop for a while so that's all for now ;3

-Mizuki ♥

Friday, September 21, 2012


ehhh i haven't blogged in a while :/ whoops... anyways exams are coming soon...and i mean real in like, next FRIDAY! and i haven't studied yet!! ><||
ok so i have been catching up on Piko recently too! despite the  busy schedule i can always manage an hour or two for some Piko time!~ kept up with his daily tweets and checked his blog every now and then! i wish i was in guang zhou so i would be able to watch the coming performance!! (TAT||)
ohh i had  a poetry test to day! (the subject i take is a combination of literature and english) and it was really hard!!! i didnt understand the poem at all! so how am i suppose to use the PEEL method??! (P- point, E- evidence/quote, E- explanation, L- link) gosh i think i am going to flunk this test :( really need more piko time these days to cheer me up! :(
oh and i am still looking for a way to get hold of piko merchandises :( only limited to within the shipping fee would be really expensive! especially with the number of things i want to totals up to S$300+ :(

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy~ to not so happy .

yay, i managed to get almost all of  ピコ-san's songs and i am super happy about it! to the point that i cant even concentrate in class ); the songs just keep playing in my head non-stop ♥
now, i am trying to remember all his songs AND how to write it in Japanese! however that would be very hard for me because Katakana is usually used in Japanese, and Kanji originated from China (Chinese language/mandarin) so they have the same meaning but different pronunciation...and guess what!!

so yeah....trying to learn Japanese is a killer for me, but for some reason i learn Japanese a lot faster than chinese! XD haha....i ma so ashamed...but the irony! japanese would be harder to learn because they not only have Katakana (the silent killer), but other types as well! ohh no...this is really bad for me isnt it? :(
only if i could try this hard to learn chinese instead :((

ohh yeah, today my art teacher suddenly came into class during art and said we had to do a test X.X she claims that she have told us before hand, but she didnt -.-|| so anyway, lucky enough we were able to bring it home to complete it! yay~ and so here is mine comments will be appreciated! please speak truthfully about it >< mine was black and white because i didnt have colour pencils in class. wasnt my fault she didnt tell us earlier! :
did a little touch up:

so anyways, done with the happy, on to the irritating.
yesterday before my school assembly started, there were prefects patrolling around the corridors (as usual) but there was this one particular fucked up TRAINEE prefect (sorry for the language, but it is very frustrating) who went to my friend, and wanted to confiscate her phone!!! Why you ask? according to that prefect, my friend's phone was on, which obviously was switched off, my friend was just keeping her phone into her bag. this statement was further confirmed when my friend as her PREFECT friend to find out the reason. the reasons matched, fine, but the fact remains that the phone was offed, i swear.
and the next day (today) my friend asked another PREFECT friend of hers to ask the TRAINEE prefect why she wanted to confiscate my friend's phone, and guess what! STORY CHANGE~
this time the freaking trainee prefect said that the phone was off, but wanted to book my friend for defiance? are you fucking serious?!! what did my friend do? again, according to that bitch, my friend ignored her when she was talking so it was considered defiance.
FIRSTLY she was so soft spoken no one would have known who she was talking to.
SECONDLY so what IF i am saying IF my friends did ignore her, what rights does it give the TRAINEE prefect to confiscate her phone? her second story had nothing to do with the phone anymore!!
THIRDLY  she still dared to ask my friend to read the diary book rule section? please, i have read it countless times, but still did not find a rule to support the trainee prefect's argue.

so what do you guys think? 2 different stories from the same mouth to different person, shifts of accusation and excuses, unfair judgment to pupil, and twisting the rules to see her fit? yeah? is that it? is that how it is suppose to be?

  • the use of handphones is restricted to the waiting area and canteen only. it is to be switched off during lesson time and school activities.
  • the handphone is only to be used for calling/messaging parent/guardian and not for other purposes such as taking pictures/videos, listening to music, playing games. <--- this rule is stupid. it was changed though, now not restricted to only texting or calling.
  • if the handphone is misused, it will be confiscated and only returned to the parents <--(not even in practice  they just confiscate your phone for a month. parent or no parent.
  • the school will not be responsible for the loss or damage of the handphones.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I couldnt help it, just had to take more pics with my Piko things♥

okey, so although i blogged about getting my hands on some piko merchandises, i couldnt help but try on the shirt this time XD haha, although i swear, i will NEVER wear that out! wouldnt want to wash the shirt and having a chance of Piko's wonderful signature coming off D;

The other two picture of me in the same dress as the pictures i posted a few days ago are the pictures that didnt manage to get uploaded, so i'll just upload them together with this picture~

oh yeah, by the way pikoots, remember to catch up on Piko's blog and Piko's twitter because our lovely piko-san takes the trouble to update regularly and aims to at least tweet once a day! dont let his wonderful efforts in the midst of his busy schedule go to waste kay?~  And dont forget Piko's official fan base twitter !!

i am pretty noob to Piko and his fan bases etc, but that doesnt change the fact that i am a big fan~ so i hope i will be able to catch up soon enough! v^^

feel free to find me on twitter or facebook ! i would be more than happy to know other pikoot!~

-Mizuki ♥

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Empathising with ピコ♥

           Hey, good morning everyone! i am just going to blog about what i feel or think about something about ピコ that i just recently found out♥ if you all dont know, i am a big ピコ fan~ so this is what i think as an individual Pikoot! so please dont leave nasty comments, at most, try to say it nicely please? Much thanks - appreciated ~~
     Yesterday i was reading this interview of ピコ which asked which voice does he prefer and ピコ answered that he is more comfortable and easier for him to sing in his lower range voice!! When i read that part it totally struck me that his fans are in a way requesting ピコ to sing in the high range voice since it is his 'special trait'. That totally broke my heart... it hurts so much to know that we fans are making him sing in a range which he is not so comfortable in! I mean, i love his character/personality and his lower range voice too (super sexy), but some fans simply like ピコ for his higher range voice! he must have strained his voice a lot when he just started singing right???! I don't want ピコ to sing in a range that is not comfortable for him! i want him to sing comfortable and natural and most importantly enjoy it! (i am not saying he doesn't enjoy singing the higher range, i am just saying that i want him to sing in the range that he is most comfortable in)
 i mean, ピコ started out as a normal person with a wide vocal range who simply posted his covers to Nico Nico website, so before he debuted, wouldn't he have to go through hell-like harsh trainings to perfect all the high notes just for the fans who love this special trait of his?? i mean even wit his gifted of a really wide vocal range, it would have been hard for ピコ and worst still, he could have possibly strained his voice many times during his trainings???! I hope that what i just said is not true, i would cry a whole river if  ピコ strained his voice during his trainings!
             I am really touched by ピコ's efforts to meet his fan's requests and to make sure that all pikoots stays happy even if it meant going through really hard trainings in the process! ♥♥♥♥ awwww, that is really sweet of him dont you think? especially to the other pikoots out there ;3 ♥
ピコ-san's hard work and efforts just makes me love him more and more nee? ♥


Monday, September 3, 2012

STGCC SEP' 2ND 2012-  ピコ

Today i went to STGCC 2012 just to watch piko's performance! ♥
The performance was great!! it was 100000x better than watching a recorded live on the computer screen! i could literally FEEL the song! Piko was really great during the live, he sang so well all the fans scream and could faint on the spot! ;3
concert hall temperature raised to 55°C from 25°C yeah? haha! i guess only those who went for the performance would understand this pun XD it was basically a metaphor the MC used to measure the excitement and atmosphere of the crowd by comparing our excitement to the temperature XD well, i guess Singapore's temperature shot sky high during the live ;) it was definitely over 55°C!
After the performance the fans shouted for an encore and kept screaming "mo ichi dai! encore!" which meant "One more time! Encore!" over and over again! the crowd had to chant for 5 rounds of countless encores before Piko decided to give us our long awaited and much wanted encore!! YAAYY~~~ you have no idea how happy the crowd was!! ♥♥♥ the encore song was 'Yume Hana' such a lovely song! :')
we fans are reaaaaalllly grateful for the encore Piko! THANK YOU SO MUCH ♥♥♥♥

After the encore everyone LITERALLY RAN to the booth where they were selling Piko merchandises! There was much sadly :( They only has 2Piko album and Piko Overseas shirt...well just that can leave fans in Singapore more than happy because just getting hold onto any of Piko's items, CD or merchandise, is already really hard! We all have to be grateful that they were selling the CDs at a low price! :D

and the best part of the day is........................
The queue to get his autograph was really long but no matter how long the queue is we Pikotsu will do anything to get his autograph!!!
i waited for my turn to get his sign on the 2Piko album and Piko Overseas T-shirt I just bought and got to shake his hand!!!! kyyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!~~~~~~ ><
Piko was so cute! whether while perform, filming,or fan meet! He is just so adorable!! During the performance his cute speech and actions was more than enough to kill the crowd, but during the autograph session he is even cuter up close!!! ♥♥♥ after signing he would say 'arigatou'!! oh my gosh, that was a triple strike to my heart!!! i just couldn't help it buy say arigatou back to him!! i mean really, it should be us fans who says thank you for coming to have lives, making new wonderful songs, and most importantly being who he is so that we all can love him as much as we do!! kyaaaaaaa ♥  Oh, and Piko's signature is PERFECT! every signature looks almost the same! Piko no sign wo kanpeki! ♥ i think Piko has the cutest sign ever! ;3

ok i actually met Hibiki Touya and Kipi today and took a photo with them, but as much as I love those beautiful ladies, my heart, mind and soul just cant drift a second away from Piko! ♥♥♥♥

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dedicated to ピコ♥

OMG!!!! ピコ arrived in Singapore at 5 yesterday? kyaaa!!~ >< and he even went to the night safari and TODAY (1 september 2012) HE WENT TO STGCC??!!!!!! IF I KNEW HE WAS GOING FOR TODAY'S STGCC I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN A 2 DAY TICKET! 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。 NOOOOOO! *sobs sobs*
I feel like my life is ending depressed...... i want to see Piko ));
and to make matters worst, my sister took a picture WITH PIKO just now!!!! ARGHHH i'm so damn jealous!! i might not be able to take a picture with him tomorrow because he might be surrounded by fans ! - mizuki heartbreaks... (╯︵╰,) -
well, while my sister is getting her picture taken with the AWESOME ピコ, i am at home studying for my end of year examination! huhuhuhu* (╯︵╰,)

note to Piko: tomorrow i might be like a dead log because i'm frozen due to shock and super overflowing exceitment yeah? i love you!~ ♥♥♥ 

-Mizuki ♥ 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My fiction theory

have you ever wondered why after a person passes away, their spirit always appear in a form other than a human? for example, chineses believes that the person's spirit will usually appear in a form of a moth, or how the person will always appear in their dreams telling them some meaningful and wise words?

well, what i think is that god actually had a rule in heavan that a soul is not allowed to appear before someone they know in their previous form. make sense? so the souls visits their loved one in another way to express their final words and farewell to them. sad isnt it? death can be so sudden that some couldn't make it in time to say everything they needed to say, plus, watching over their loved ones is probably something they feel that they ought to do. so, they take on another form and watch over them in their own way ;)

so sweet ~ ♥

Friday, March 16, 2012

Will you come back?

If i change my name back to the name we used to share, will you come an inch closer back to me?
If i spam and overflow you with messages everyday, will you come back to me from your new friends?
If i keep hinting I Miss You I Miss You on twitter, will you even pick up the slightest hint?
IF i come telling you the truth, will you do anything about the condition we are in now?
If i said that you really changed, will you blame me for 'moving away' ?
If i tell you that you have neglected me all this while, do you sincerely bother?
If i say that we are moving further and further away, will you do anything to get me back?
If i say that i will give up trying, will it even make a difference to you?
If i say that i'm gone, will you chase me?
If i say we are finished,will you at least sincerely put in a 10% effort to patch up up?
If i ask "Do you really miss me at all?", will you say yes?

When i ask this one last question "Do you know who im refering to?", will you know the answer in my heart?

From what you have shown, you have done nothing from the above.
Is it really over?

firstly, i would like to apologise for the 2 months long break from blogging!! and big thanks to the people who left awesome comments at my chat box on the right! your comments reaally motivated me to continue blogging! i visited your sites as you all requested and wanted to leave a comment as an expression of my thanks, but i could not find a chat/comment box at your sites!!! D8 so, i left my replies here, on my blog's chat box with your name mentioned. either like this --> ******@......    or like this      ----> *name* Mizuki > *****

oh, right, and some of your sites has VIRUS! it was so serious that my anti-virus warning was RED! i dont know if it was intentional or not, but it was SERIOUS! if it wasnt intentional, the nyou should becarefull cos it could attack your comouter too! its either that, or #1 it was a trick for me to access your virus infused site #2 you entered a random site into the chatbox!
either ways, it wasnt very nice to do that! BE MORE CONSIDERATE! seriously!
ok, moving on.... i was too busy with my studies, and i gradually forgot to blog....and i soon forgot my email and password `^`
(sadly, i have to admite that i have reaaaally bad memory when it comes to remebering passwords and usernames :/ yes. i even forgot about 4 of my email address >.< )

so, now i shall start the actuall blogging :)

these days, i have this serious crazy for a show with a good story line! (and of course with a hot guy as a main character preferbly *bishounen ♥) even if it was korean drama! (ok, sorry, but i am reaally bias against korean , i dont know why! sorry to all korean loving people out there! >.< ) and i finished a series called You're Beautiful! it was AWESOME and all the rage at some point of time! it has one of the best story lines that could ever be made! (of course the fact where there were like 3 SUPER HOT GUYS as the main character contributed GREATLY). i was so desperate that i even rewatched a few animes again! if i remembered correctly, in my previous post, i did mention about re-watching the anime 07-gghost and kuroshitsuji. and guess what......heheh....i rewatched it again >.< especially 07-ghost! and i rewatch a certain ark of D.Gray Man, it was the part when Allen was defeated by Tyki and was brought to the Asian Excorsist Branch, especially when he awakedned 'Crowned Clown'!! sound really cool right? Crowned Clown!! ♥♥ omg! i dont think i can EVER get sick of these!!!!
i am currently Rave Master ! Rave Master's story line is almost the same as Hunter X Hunter!
Hunter X Hunter, Rave Master, Tri-gun and MAR (Marchen Awakens Romance) are CLASSICS!! its action packed and tones of adventures!!
for ones that are more to the dark side, its definitely Helsing and Devil May Cry!! i wont say so much about black blood brothers and trinity blood because they are sorta dark-ish, but just not so evil, get what i mean? :/
for the best laughs and adventure, it definitely has to be One Piece and Rave Master! again, CLASSICS!! although the drawings are old, one piece's drawing just gets better and it becomes more recent, and you will fall in love with it! i garente!! i used to hate anime with old lousy drawings and completely avoid them, but when i started watching one piece, it changed my whole view of anime!! i learned to ognore the old drawings and ALAS!! TONES OF AWESOME ANIME AWAITS ME! its the basic give and take, you have to sacrifice something in order to gain something, in this case, i has to put up with the drawing as a sacrifice, and i had lots of awesome one of a kind animes to watch!!

if you love the hilarious shows above, then you've got to watch FairyTail! yes, fairy TAIL, as in an animal tail, tail? not the princess tale kinda tale. the author of fairy tail said that he made the story line based on one piece as he was a BIGGG fan of one piece! you might also like The Law of the Ueki! and out of randomness, try watching Guilty Crown! its really recent and still ongoing!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I haven't blogged in 2 days!!!! Ok so I'm gonna blog 3 days worth of event here.

4th dec; started packing my luggage for the trip to Hong Kong on the 21-25! Yayy!! But I still need more cloths!! Damn it -.-

5th dec; my sister and I received the mail package of the clothes we purchased online!! WOOTS!! My sis got a dress and I got my jacket/dress/top!! It can be worn as a dress of you pull it all the way down and can be worn as a top if you scrunch and fold it a little!! And best of all! It can be worn as a normal ( if zipped) jacket or just wear it as a long unzipped jacket!! It looks reaaally cool!!! Yayy! Cant wait for my other orders to come!! I ordered a white n blue vertical stripped blazer and 2other dresses!

As for later on , my family went to a restaurant which was like ex 0.0 I think it's called Wesley's Prime steak.... Or something like that . Cant remember... But aft we finished our meal we received a door gift!! It had vouchers etc and even a stuffed toy Cow and a navy blue scarf!!! How awesome is that?!!!!! Wheee~~ loving the door gift!!! And of course, we went home eith satisfied stomaches!!!!!!!

6th dec; nothing much happened except my sis fren came over to do sewing until 4pm, as usual I was just using my computer < currently watching One Piece > and dinner time soon arrived~~~ my mum made Saba fish and salted egg spinach ! I love those stuff 😍😍 haha, ok anyway , aft dinner my mum told me that she bout brownies from Awfully Chocolate. And it tasted really weird ._. The upper layer was like normal brownies, but in the middle there was a thine layer of something white-ish and was salty!! And the bottom layer was all gooey , and it's not in a gooey brownie way, it was all gooey in a funny way.... Weird texture. I think the point of the middle part was to be a little salty but the person who made it added too much salt ._. Blek. Big mistake of hers!!!!!
Oh, and I like this honey flavoured black herbal jelly of a certain brand, it's in a can!!Cool right? I had it a lot when I was younger but i dont know why but I stopped eating it for some reason, but recently this year around June , I craved for it again, but I went to giant, cold storage and fair price etc. but could not find the honey flavour!!! They had other flavoured which I don't dare to try but I want HONEY! At long last many months later (bout a week
ago from now ) I finally found it!!! They sell it at fairprie FINEST!! I finally found it! It was like a miracle !!! And from them I ate a can of it everyday!!! It's so goooooodd!!!!!!!! Sadly I din hv one today...(6th dec) so I shall eat it the nxt day!! (which is when I wake up!)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ok so I have not blogged in 2 days I admit . Anyways! I'm obsessed with watching anime of a certain genre now, although I hate It last time cos I misjudged it. Well it started from recommendations for Kuroshitsuji , someone strongly recommended Hellsing . I really hated Hellsing last time but now I love it!! How could I misjudge such a awesome show?!!! So from there I hunt for more similar animes to watch, I came across MANY animes that I refused to watch in the past but love it now . The animes were Black Blood Brothers, Witch hunter robin ,trinity blood, Devil May Cry, trigun (currently watching) and ghost hunt. The ones I particularly like is Hellsing and Devil May Cry, I like trigun and trinity blood too but try are more for comedy purposes and for good laughs ^_^v
there are still animes that I'm hesitant to watch and maybe I'm misjudging them, but no matter how I try to make myself interested and to watch it, the summery and plot just does not catch my interest AT ALL! ); the anime follows : CLAYMORE, Witch Blade, GANTZ, Black Lagoon, Strait Jacket, Tokko, Tokyo Majin Gakuen kenpuchou Tou, wicked city, Ga-Rei Zero, elfen lied and especially Cowboy Bebop, GUMGRAVE and chroni crusade, Afro samurai (came across a comment that it's very obscene) . I remember I din like strait jacket because the main character had a limit to the amount of power he could use before turning into a monster himself. Hate it . And as for black lagoon, it's highly recommended but I just don't get the jist of a salary man becoming a (worthless and powerless) underground dealer. An I just hate cowboy bebop for many reason, first, the plot itself is annoying ( sorry if it offends you ), the lady especial too! And the fact that Simeon the guys are like goofed off punks that are sloppy , like the samurai with the Afro in Samurai champloo. But I love Alucard and Dante ( Hellsing and DevilMayCry) they are so coooolll!!! Maybe Naru (shibuya) and Jirou would be considered my favourite? Maybe not do much for Jirou cos for Black Blood Brothers Zelman Clock is my favourite!!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
WHOOO ZELMAN!!! I guess I prefer cool headed well reserved (nt nerds) and sort of arrogant (cos he is no doubt unbeatable) hot guy!! Not those GUAI nerds but more of the bad side? Yeah that's it. Bad boy-ish, cool, hot, smart, well reserved . Mainly I think it just adds up to arrogance cos he is cmf stronger 0.0 heh... Guess thats all, wnt want me to continue on bout my preferences etc , it might take forever!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ok, so my body clock is screwed up!! After I woke up at 1am, I went back to sleep at 6, then woke up at 5pm!! Haha! Seriously, screwed. Oh and I did nail art on my nails!! But it looks really crappy ._.|| right hand, followed by left hand . Wheee~~ I like painting nails ! So funn!
Ok so not long after I posted the previous post, I fell asleep. Ahh, was such a wonderful sleep! but . Cos of that, I missed dinner!! And it was one of my favourite dishes!' it was risotto!!! I love that stuff !!! So now I'm here ek seeing if I should go heat up the food and eat it now cos it like 1am and I don't think thats such a great idea ._. Damn...

Oh by the was! I what like wondering if I should dot my mails for the design... Picture in the previous post shows the colour..

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

AHEM!Ok, I apologise for te crappy writing in the previous post. I did not sleep that night and the weather happened to e really nice and rainy and I was in the buy for half an hour. Who would be able to resist the temptation of falling asleep?! I know I can't cos I was pretty tire by then, met Sherine at town at 10am, shopped all the way to 3pm and finally I'm here at home after a long journey. I'm all cozzed up on my bed and blogging with my phone. Does this explain why my previous comment was gibberish and completely nonsensical?? Well I hope it does cos if it doesn't then what's the point to posting this then?

The next posts was suppose to be separated but what the heck, he'll with it an just post them together .

Well actually, today Sherine an I spent quite some time at the takashimaya department store looking for my sister and her friend, apparently, my sister got the wrong date and thought that she started work today, but it was actually tomorrow,so I missed the chance to see her all screwed up while working and being happy to customer who she oh-so-hate so much XD hurhur!! I can barely wait! So, I'm still deciding though, should I go see her tomorrow? That means I would be going out with friend again tomorrow...

So, today I bought a couple of stuff , I bought a belt for $5 (cos my shorts were loose and felt like it would drop any moment, then I bout 4 bottles of nail polish, a rockin necklace, bracelets and nail art for my Sister! I will upload the picture of the nail polish here :