Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Empathising with ピコ♥

           Hey, good morning everyone! i am just going to blog about what i feel or think about something about ピコ that i just recently found out♥ if you all dont know, i am a big ピコ fan~ so this is what i think as an individual Pikoot! so please dont leave nasty comments, at most, try to say it nicely please? Much thanks - appreciated ~~
     Yesterday i was reading this interview of ピコ which asked which voice does he prefer and ピコ answered that he is more comfortable and easier for him to sing in his lower range voice!! When i read that part it totally struck me that his fans are in a way requesting ピコ to sing in the high range voice since it is his 'special trait'. That totally broke my heart... it hurts so much to know that we fans are making him sing in a range which he is not so comfortable in! I mean, i love his character/personality and his lower range voice too (super sexy), but some fans simply like ピコ for his higher range voice! he must have strained his voice a lot when he just started singing right???! I don't want ピコ to sing in a range that is not comfortable for him! i want him to sing comfortable and natural and most importantly enjoy it! (i am not saying he doesn't enjoy singing the higher range, i am just saying that i want him to sing in the range that he is most comfortable in)
 i mean, ピコ started out as a normal person with a wide vocal range who simply posted his covers to Nico Nico website, so before he debuted, wouldn't he have to go through hell-like harsh trainings to perfect all the high notes just for the fans who love this special trait of his?? i mean even wit his gifted of a really wide vocal range, it would have been hard for ピコ and worst still, he could have possibly strained his voice many times during his trainings???! I hope that what i just said is not true, i would cry a whole river if  ピコ strained his voice during his trainings!
             I am really touched by ピコ's efforts to meet his fan's requests and to make sure that all pikoots stays happy even if it meant going through really hard trainings in the process! ♥♥♥♥ awwww, that is really sweet of him dont you think? especially to the other pikoots out there ;3 ♥
ピコ-san's hard work and efforts just makes me love him more and more nee? ♥


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