Friday, September 21, 2012


ehhh i haven't blogged in a while :/ whoops... anyways exams are coming soon...and i mean real in like, next FRIDAY! and i haven't studied yet!! ><||
ok so i have been catching up on Piko recently too! despite the  busy schedule i can always manage an hour or two for some Piko time!~ kept up with his daily tweets and checked his blog every now and then! i wish i was in guang zhou so i would be able to watch the coming performance!! (TAT||)
ohh i had  a poetry test to day! (the subject i take is a combination of literature and english) and it was really hard!!! i didnt understand the poem at all! so how am i suppose to use the PEEL method??! (P- point, E- evidence/quote, E- explanation, L- link) gosh i think i am going to flunk this test :( really need more piko time these days to cheer me up! :(
oh and i am still looking for a way to get hold of piko merchandises :( only limited to within the shipping fee would be really expensive! especially with the number of things i want to totals up to S$300+ :(

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