Friday, March 16, 2012

firstly, i would like to apologise for the 2 months long break from blogging!! and big thanks to the people who left awesome comments at my chat box on the right! your comments reaally motivated me to continue blogging! i visited your sites as you all requested and wanted to leave a comment as an expression of my thanks, but i could not find a chat/comment box at your sites!!! D8 so, i left my replies here, on my blog's chat box with your name mentioned. either like this --> ******@......    or like this      ----> *name* Mizuki > *****

oh, right, and some of your sites has VIRUS! it was so serious that my anti-virus warning was RED! i dont know if it was intentional or not, but it was SERIOUS! if it wasnt intentional, the nyou should becarefull cos it could attack your comouter too! its either that, or #1 it was a trick for me to access your virus infused site #2 you entered a random site into the chatbox!
either ways, it wasnt very nice to do that! BE MORE CONSIDERATE! seriously!
ok, moving on.... i was too busy with my studies, and i gradually forgot to blog....and i soon forgot my email and password `^`
(sadly, i have to admite that i have reaaaally bad memory when it comes to remebering passwords and usernames :/ yes. i even forgot about 4 of my email address >.< )

so, now i shall start the actuall blogging :)

these days, i have this serious crazy for a show with a good story line! (and of course with a hot guy as a main character preferbly *bishounen ♥) even if it was korean drama! (ok, sorry, but i am reaally bias against korean , i dont know why! sorry to all korean loving people out there! >.< ) and i finished a series called You're Beautiful! it was AWESOME and all the rage at some point of time! it has one of the best story lines that could ever be made! (of course the fact where there were like 3 SUPER HOT GUYS as the main character contributed GREATLY). i was so desperate that i even rewatched a few animes again! if i remembered correctly, in my previous post, i did mention about re-watching the anime 07-gghost and kuroshitsuji. and guess what......heheh....i rewatched it again >.< especially 07-ghost! and i rewatch a certain ark of D.Gray Man, it was the part when Allen was defeated by Tyki and was brought to the Asian Excorsist Branch, especially when he awakedned 'Crowned Clown'!! sound really cool right? Crowned Clown!! ♥♥ omg! i dont think i can EVER get sick of these!!!!
i am currently Rave Master ! Rave Master's story line is almost the same as Hunter X Hunter!
Hunter X Hunter, Rave Master, Tri-gun and MAR (Marchen Awakens Romance) are CLASSICS!! its action packed and tones of adventures!!
for ones that are more to the dark side, its definitely Helsing and Devil May Cry!! i wont say so much about black blood brothers and trinity blood because they are sorta dark-ish, but just not so evil, get what i mean? :/
for the best laughs and adventure, it definitely has to be One Piece and Rave Master! again, CLASSICS!! although the drawings are old, one piece's drawing just gets better and it becomes more recent, and you will fall in love with it! i garente!! i used to hate anime with old lousy drawings and completely avoid them, but when i started watching one piece, it changed my whole view of anime!! i learned to ognore the old drawings and ALAS!! TONES OF AWESOME ANIME AWAITS ME! its the basic give and take, you have to sacrifice something in order to gain something, in this case, i has to put up with the drawing as a sacrifice, and i had lots of awesome one of a kind animes to watch!!

if you love the hilarious shows above, then you've got to watch FairyTail! yes, fairy TAIL, as in an animal tail, tail? not the princess tale kinda tale. the author of fairy tail said that he made the story line based on one piece as he was a BIGGG fan of one piece! you might also like The Law of the Ueki! and out of randomness, try watching Guilty Crown! its really recent and still ongoing!

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