Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ok so I have not blogged in 2 days I admit . Anyways! I'm obsessed with watching anime of a certain genre now, although I hate It last time cos I misjudged it. Well it started from recommendations for Kuroshitsuji , someone strongly recommended Hellsing . I really hated Hellsing last time but now I love it!! How could I misjudge such a awesome show?!!! So from there I hunt for more similar animes to watch, I came across MANY animes that I refused to watch in the past but love it now . The animes were Black Blood Brothers, Witch hunter robin ,trinity blood, Devil May Cry, trigun (currently watching) and ghost hunt. The ones I particularly like is Hellsing and Devil May Cry, I like trigun and trinity blood too but try are more for comedy purposes and for good laughs ^_^v
there are still animes that I'm hesitant to watch and maybe I'm misjudging them, but no matter how I try to make myself interested and to watch it, the summery and plot just does not catch my interest AT ALL! ); the anime follows : CLAYMORE, Witch Blade, GANTZ, Black Lagoon, Strait Jacket, Tokko, Tokyo Majin Gakuen kenpuchou Tou, wicked city, Ga-Rei Zero, elfen lied and especially Cowboy Bebop, GUMGRAVE and chroni crusade, Afro samurai (came across a comment that it's very obscene) . I remember I din like strait jacket because the main character had a limit to the amount of power he could use before turning into a monster himself. Hate it . And as for black lagoon, it's highly recommended but I just don't get the jist of a salary man becoming a (worthless and powerless) underground dealer. An I just hate cowboy bebop for many reason, first, the plot itself is annoying ( sorry if it offends you ), the lady especial too! And the fact that Simeon the guys are like goofed off punks that are sloppy , like the samurai with the Afro in Samurai champloo. But I love Alucard and Dante ( Hellsing and DevilMayCry) they are so coooolll!!! Maybe Naru (shibuya) and Jirou would be considered my favourite? Maybe not do much for Jirou cos for Black Blood Brothers Zelman Clock is my favourite!!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
WHOOO ZELMAN!!! I guess I prefer cool headed well reserved (nt nerds) and sort of arrogant (cos he is no doubt unbeatable) hot guy!! Not those GUAI nerds but more of the bad side? Yeah that's it. Bad boy-ish, cool, hot, smart, well reserved . Mainly I think it just adds up to arrogance cos he is cmf stronger 0.0 heh... Guess thats all, wnt want me to continue on bout my preferences etc , it might take forever!!

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