Monday, September 3, 2012

STGCC SEP' 2ND 2012-  ピコ

Today i went to STGCC 2012 just to watch piko's performance! ♥
The performance was great!! it was 100000x better than watching a recorded live on the computer screen! i could literally FEEL the song! Piko was really great during the live, he sang so well all the fans scream and could faint on the spot! ;3
concert hall temperature raised to 55°C from 25°C yeah? haha! i guess only those who went for the performance would understand this pun XD it was basically a metaphor the MC used to measure the excitement and atmosphere of the crowd by comparing our excitement to the temperature XD well, i guess Singapore's temperature shot sky high during the live ;) it was definitely over 55°C!
After the performance the fans shouted for an encore and kept screaming "mo ichi dai! encore!" which meant "One more time! Encore!" over and over again! the crowd had to chant for 5 rounds of countless encores before Piko decided to give us our long awaited and much wanted encore!! YAAYY~~~ you have no idea how happy the crowd was!! ♥♥♥ the encore song was 'Yume Hana' such a lovely song! :')
we fans are reaaaaalllly grateful for the encore Piko! THANK YOU SO MUCH ♥♥♥♥

After the encore everyone LITERALLY RAN to the booth where they were selling Piko merchandises! There was much sadly :( They only has 2Piko album and Piko Overseas shirt...well just that can leave fans in Singapore more than happy because just getting hold onto any of Piko's items, CD or merchandise, is already really hard! We all have to be grateful that they were selling the CDs at a low price! :D

and the best part of the day is........................
The queue to get his autograph was really long but no matter how long the queue is we Pikotsu will do anything to get his autograph!!!
i waited for my turn to get his sign on the 2Piko album and Piko Overseas T-shirt I just bought and got to shake his hand!!!! kyyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!~~~~~~ ><
Piko was so cute! whether while perform, filming,or fan meet! He is just so adorable!! During the performance his cute speech and actions was more than enough to kill the crowd, but during the autograph session he is even cuter up close!!! ♥♥♥ after signing he would say 'arigatou'!! oh my gosh, that was a triple strike to my heart!!! i just couldn't help it buy say arigatou back to him!! i mean really, it should be us fans who says thank you for coming to have lives, making new wonderful songs, and most importantly being who he is so that we all can love him as much as we do!! kyaaaaaaa ♥  Oh, and Piko's signature is PERFECT! every signature looks almost the same! Piko no sign wo kanpeki! ♥ i think Piko has the cutest sign ever! ;3

ok i actually met Hibiki Touya and Kipi today and took a photo with them, but as much as I love those beautiful ladies, my heart, mind and soul just cant drift a second away from Piko! ♥♥♥♥

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