Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The end of the long stop coming soon

ok, so i have not blogged at all recently :/ that's because its exam period now! tomorrow is going to be my last paper! it would be Mathematics paper 1! paper 2 was on Monday and it was a killer! im really scared for this mathematics paper ><

ohh, i bought another piko album! (1PIKO) limited edition! his trip in Europe was so cute! ok, piko is full time cute so... ♥♥♥
hahah! you can literally see the hearts surrounding me now ♥

anyone know where i can listen to piko-raji (ピコーラ時) ? when i go to the FM A!CH! page that redirects me to piko's piko-raji site, there is a button that is suppose to let me listen to the live broadcast but when i click it, nothing happens :( i tried going to other site where they have broadcasts of japanese radio station, but it is always FM A!CH! that can receive the reception :( i tried downloading the RADIKO (rajiko) app for the iphone, google chrome and the RADIKO player, but still no reception! :( really sad..i have been searching for it for 3 weeks! );

and also, im not so sure about this but is the piko nico namahousou shut down or is it still ongoing?

i will try to blog again soon but i might not be able to use my laptop for a while so that's all for now ;3

-Mizuki ♥

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