Friday, March 16, 2012

Will you come back?

If i change my name back to the name we used to share, will you come an inch closer back to me?
If i spam and overflow you with messages everyday, will you come back to me from your new friends?
If i keep hinting I Miss You I Miss You on twitter, will you even pick up the slightest hint?
IF i come telling you the truth, will you do anything about the condition we are in now?
If i said that you really changed, will you blame me for 'moving away' ?
If i tell you that you have neglected me all this while, do you sincerely bother?
If i say that we are moving further and further away, will you do anything to get me back?
If i say that i will give up trying, will it even make a difference to you?
If i say that i'm gone, will you chase me?
If i say we are finished,will you at least sincerely put in a 10% effort to patch up up?
If i ask "Do you really miss me at all?", will you say yes?

When i ask this one last question "Do you know who im refering to?", will you know the answer in my heart?

From what you have shown, you have done nothing from the above.
Is it really over?


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