Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I haven't blogged in 2 days!!!! Ok so I'm gonna blog 3 days worth of event here.

4th dec; started packing my luggage for the trip to Hong Kong on the 21-25! Yayy!! But I still need more cloths!! Damn it -.-

5th dec; my sister and I received the mail package of the clothes we purchased online!! WOOTS!! My sis got a dress and I got my jacket/dress/top!! It can be worn as a dress of you pull it all the way down and can be worn as a top if you scrunch and fold it a little!! And best of all! It can be worn as a normal ( if zipped) jacket or just wear it as a long unzipped jacket!! It looks reaaally cool!!! Yayy! Cant wait for my other orders to come!! I ordered a white n blue vertical stripped blazer and 2other dresses!

As for later on , my family went to a restaurant which was like ex 0.0 I think it's called Wesley's Prime steak.... Or something like that . Cant remember... But aft we finished our meal we received a door gift!! It had vouchers etc and even a stuffed toy Cow and a navy blue scarf!!! How awesome is that?!!!!! Wheee~~ loving the door gift!!! And of course, we went home eith satisfied stomaches!!!!!!!

6th dec; nothing much happened except my sis fren came over to do sewing until 4pm, as usual I was just using my computer < currently watching One Piece > and dinner time soon arrived~~~ my mum made Saba fish and salted egg spinach ! I love those stuff 😍😍 haha, ok anyway , aft dinner my mum told me that she bout brownies from Awfully Chocolate. And it tasted really weird ._. The upper layer was like normal brownies, but in the middle there was a thine layer of something white-ish and was salty!! And the bottom layer was all gooey , and it's not in a gooey brownie way, it was all gooey in a funny way.... Weird texture. I think the point of the middle part was to be a little salty but the person who made it added too much salt ._. Blek. Big mistake of hers!!!!!
Oh, and I like this honey flavoured black herbal jelly of a certain brand, it's in a can!!Cool right? I had it a lot when I was younger but i dont know why but I stopped eating it for some reason, but recently this year around June , I craved for it again, but I went to giant, cold storage and fair price etc. but could not find the honey flavour!!! They had other flavoured which I don't dare to try but I want HONEY! At long last many months later (bout a week
ago from now ) I finally found it!!! They sell it at fairprie FINEST!! I finally found it! It was like a miracle !!! And from them I ate a can of it everyday!!! It's so goooooodd!!!!!!!! Sadly I din hv one today...(6th dec) so I shall eat it the nxt day!! (which is when I wake up!)

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