Tuesday, November 29, 2011

AHEM!Ok, I apologise for te crappy writing in the previous post. I did not sleep that night and the weather happened to e really nice and rainy and I was in the buy for half an hour. Who would be able to resist the temptation of falling asleep?! I know I can't cos I was pretty tire by then, met Sherine at town at 10am, shopped all the way to 3pm and finally I'm here at home after a long journey. I'm all cozzed up on my bed and blogging with my phone. Does this explain why my previous comment was gibberish and completely nonsensical?? Well I hope it does cos if it doesn't then what's the point to posting this then?

The next posts was suppose to be separated but what the heck, he'll with it an just post them together .

Well actually, today Sherine an I spent quite some time at the takashimaya department store looking for my sister and her friend, apparently, my sister got the wrong date and thought that she started work today, but it was actually tomorrow,so I missed the chance to see her all screwed up while working and being happy to customer who she oh-so-hate so much XD hurhur!! I can barely wait! So, I'm still deciding though, should I go see her tomorrow? That means I would be going out with friend again tomorrow...

So, today I bought a couple of stuff , I bought a belt for $5 (cos my shorts were loose and felt like it would drop any moment, then I bout 4 bottles of nail polish, a rockin necklace, bracelets and nail art for my Sister! I will upload the picture of the nail polish here :

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