Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My fiction theory

have you ever wondered why after a person passes away, their spirit always appear in a form other than a human? for example, chineses believes that the person's spirit will usually appear in a form of a moth, or how the person will always appear in their dreams telling them some meaningful and wise words?

well, what i think is that god actually had a rule in heavan that a soul is not allowed to appear before someone they know in their previous form. make sense? so the souls visits their loved one in another way to express their final words and farewell to them. sad isnt it? death can be so sudden that some couldn't make it in time to say everything they needed to say, plus, watching over their loved ones is probably something they feel that they ought to do. so, they take on another form and watch over them in their own way ;)

so sweet ~ ♥

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