Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy~ to not so happy .

yay, i managed to get almost all of  ピコ-san's songs and i am super happy about it! to the point that i cant even concentrate in class ); the songs just keep playing in my head non-stop ♥
now, i am trying to remember all his songs AND how to write it in Japanese! however that would be very hard for me because Katakana is usually used in Japanese, and Kanji originated from China (Chinese language/mandarin) so they have the same meaning but different pronunciation...and guess what!!

so yeah....trying to learn Japanese is a killer for me, but for some reason i learn Japanese a lot faster than chinese! XD haha....i ma so ashamed...but the irony! japanese would be harder to learn because they not only have Katakana (the silent killer), but other types as well! ohh no...this is really bad for me isnt it? :(
only if i could try this hard to learn chinese instead :((

ohh yeah, today my art teacher suddenly came into class during art and said we had to do a test X.X she claims that she have told us before hand, but she didnt -.-|| so anyway, lucky enough we were able to bring it home to complete it! yay~ and so here is mine comments will be appreciated! please speak truthfully about it >< mine was black and white because i didnt have colour pencils in class. wasnt my fault she didnt tell us earlier! :
did a little touch up:

so anyways, done with the happy, on to the irritating.
yesterday before my school assembly started, there were prefects patrolling around the corridors (as usual) but there was this one particular fucked up TRAINEE prefect (sorry for the language, but it is very frustrating) who went to my friend, and wanted to confiscate her phone!!! Why you ask? according to that prefect, my friend's phone was on, which obviously was switched off, my friend was just keeping her phone into her bag. this statement was further confirmed when my friend as her PREFECT friend to find out the reason. the reasons matched, fine, but the fact remains that the phone was offed, i swear.
and the next day (today) my friend asked another PREFECT friend of hers to ask the TRAINEE prefect why she wanted to confiscate my friend's phone, and guess what! STORY CHANGE~
this time the freaking trainee prefect said that the phone was off, but wanted to book my friend for defiance? are you fucking serious?!! what did my friend do? again, according to that bitch, my friend ignored her when she was talking so it was considered defiance.
FIRSTLY she was so soft spoken no one would have known who she was talking to.
SECONDLY so what IF i am saying IF my friends did ignore her, what rights does it give the TRAINEE prefect to confiscate her phone? her second story had nothing to do with the phone anymore!!
THIRDLY  she still dared to ask my friend to read the diary book rule section? please, i have read it countless times, but still did not find a rule to support the trainee prefect's argue.

so what do you guys think? 2 different stories from the same mouth to different person, shifts of accusation and excuses, unfair judgment to pupil, and twisting the rules to see her fit? yeah? is that it? is that how it is suppose to be?

  • the use of handphones is restricted to the waiting area and canteen only. it is to be switched off during lesson time and school activities.
  • the handphone is only to be used for calling/messaging parent/guardian and not for other purposes such as taking pictures/videos, listening to music, playing games. <--- this rule is stupid. it was changed though, now not restricted to only texting or calling.
  • if the handphone is misused, it will be confiscated and only returned to the parents <--(not even in practice  they just confiscate your phone for a month. parent or no parent.
  • the school will not be responsible for the loss or damage of the handphones.

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