Saturday, September 8, 2012

I couldnt help it, just had to take more pics with my Piko things♥

okey, so although i blogged about getting my hands on some piko merchandises, i couldnt help but try on the shirt this time XD haha, although i swear, i will NEVER wear that out! wouldnt want to wash the shirt and having a chance of Piko's wonderful signature coming off D;

The other two picture of me in the same dress as the pictures i posted a few days ago are the pictures that didnt manage to get uploaded, so i'll just upload them together with this picture~

oh yeah, by the way pikoots, remember to catch up on Piko's blog and Piko's twitter because our lovely piko-san takes the trouble to update regularly and aims to at least tweet once a day! dont let his wonderful efforts in the midst of his busy schedule go to waste kay?~  And dont forget Piko's official fan base twitter !!

i am pretty noob to Piko and his fan bases etc, but that doesnt change the fact that i am a big fan~ so i hope i will be able to catch up soon enough! v^^

feel free to find me on twitter or facebook ! i would be more than happy to know other pikoot!~

-Mizuki ♥

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